Welcome to Trinno B.V. We started as a local company in 2005 with the demand for wood products being high. And since 2012, we expanded into the international market, offering our services worldwide. From Europe to Asia, Australia, Africa, and the Middle East, you can find our wood products anywhere. Trinno B.V., a first-rate company that offers top-of-the-range wood products, has been blessed with a team of experts possessing the required perseverance. We employ the top techniques to process the products we create in accordance with international standards for Wood Production. 

We not just follow the norms, but also go beyond them. Our team of experts has years of experience in their respective fields. They are experts at taking care of our customers and fulfilling their needs without fail. 

In addition, our inspectors test our products based on a variety of factors in order to enhance their quality. We also have a well-designed Factory equipped with modern equipment and a great warehouse to conduct our production. 

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We facilitate the delivery of the best Ukrainian wood pellets which come loose and are blown through a 100-millimeter pipe into an appropriate dry storage unit.


They are helpful as a source of wood pellets, as they are weather-resistant and free from humidity. They are manufactured in Ukraine by Trinno B.V.


We have camlocks available to assist you in refining the modifications to your door to ensure that it makes plugging into the pellet delivery system as easy as possible.

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